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About Our Wild Blueberries

James Bay Wild Fruit is a small, dedicated, family business. From the wilds of nature to your table, it has evolved over the years to a successful, thriving operation.

One of the very first products to be distributed and sold by us was "Wild Blueberries".

Upon the birth of my children I realized the importance that a completely "natural product" represented. Being more sensitive to the environment and polutants around us, as well to the quality of product I wished to serve to my kids and to others in a similar situation, I only deal in a product that is grown "Wild and Natural". It is a product that is picked by hand and not cultivated. No pesticides or herbicides are used. It is a totally 100% organic product.

This results in a food that is fun to eat, can be used in a variety of dishes, and is good for everyone to share. Our products are healthy for all, and a great staple for a clean and healthy balanced diet.

Also available in fresh or frozen process quality product to meet all of our customers needs, both large and small, these products are available from
July 1st to October 30th. Frozen product can be availabe at our Gravenhurst store during the winter months by calling  ahead or emailing us for arranging a pick up date.

Some of our customers include:

wine producers
specialty syrup producers
jam and jelly manufacturers
juice manufacturers
pie manufacturers
most importantly, our retail consumers

It is very special to see how Wild Blueberries put a smile on people's faces, as they are very glad to see that the Wild Blueberry season has started again. We get to hear all of the stories about people's long ago experiences of picking with families and friends and bears. Experiencing Wild Blueberries creates memories.

 If It's Not From The Forest, It's Not Wild!
Mike Poulin,            
James Bay Wild Fruit
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