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James Bay Wild Fruit is a small, dedicated, family-owned business that can supply you with the best fresh market product in North America within 24 hours. From the harvest of nature to your table, it has evolved over the years to a successful, thriving operation. 

I remember as a young child going into the cranberry marsh with my whole family. It was located in the Nippissing District in Northern Ontario, Canada. This cranberry marsh had a natural growth of cranberries, not man-made. We would either bring large bushel baskets or burlap bags to put them in. Being very young at that time, I never really understood what was being done with the cranberries. I also found the taste to be very bitter and my sweet tooth could not really appreciate them. But the outing was always an adventure. Walking in the marsh was like walking on a floating carpet, or like walking on a waterbed where your feet stayed dry, at least most of the time. Sometimes, I imagined falling into a hole and getting trapped under the layer of floating earth.

However, as I got older I began to recognize what was happening in the kitchen with the prize we had harvested. I am certain my mother and sisters had some sort of secret recipes. To this day I still enjoy cranberries all the time and we make a cranberry sauce along with a cranberry strawberry sauce and boy, I just love it.

Cranberries are now recognized for their natural goodness and healing properties, resulting in a food that is fun to eat, can be used in a variety of dishes, and is good for everyone to share. Our products are healthy for all, and a great staple for a clean and healthy balanced diet.

Also available in fresh or frozen process quality product to meet all of our customers needs, both large and small, these products are available from fresh about seven days before Thanksgiving or frozen all year-round.

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If It's Not From The Forest, It's Not Wild!
Mike Poulin,            
James Bay Wild Fruit

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